Tehran (IP) - The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps announced the destruction of spy headquarters and the gathering of anti-Iranian terrorist groups in parts of the region with ballistic missiles by issuing 3 separate statements on Tuesday morning.

Iran PressIran news: In the notification number one of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, it is stated that in response to the recent terrorist crimes of the enemies of Islamic Iran, the spy headquarters and gathering of anti-Iranian terrorist groups in parts of the region were targeted and destroyed by IRGC ballistic missiles.

The second IRGC communique reads: "In response to the recent crimes of terrorist outfits, in Kerman and Rask; the gathering places of commanders and main elements related to recent terrorist operations, especially ISIS, were identified in the occupied territories of Syria and destroyed by firing a number of ballistic missiles."

The communique continued: "The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps assures the great nation of Iran that it will find the malicious terrorist groups who are ill-wishers of the Iranian nation wherever they are and will punish them for their shameful deeds."

In the evening of Wednesday, January 3rd 2024, during the ceremony of the fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of Lt General Hajj Qassem Soleimani, two terrorist explosions took place among the pilgrims on the path leading to the Martyrs' Garden of Kerman in southern Iran, as a result of which 94 people, including several children, were martyred.

ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for this crime.

In the recent attack by Jaish-e-Zalum terrorists on the police headquarters in Rask city in Sistan and Baluchistan province of southeastern Iran, 11 members of the Iranian police forces were also martyred.

The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps has also stated in its statement number 3 that, in response to the recent evils of the Zionist regime in martyring the commanders of the IRGC and the Resistance Front, with intelligence control over the headquarters and movements of this regime in the region, by firing ballistic missiles, one of the main espionage headquarters of the Zionist regime "Mossad" in the Kurdistan region of Iraq was targeted and destroyed.

The communique elsewhere said: "This headquarters was the center for the development of espionage operations and the design of terrorist activities in the region and especially in Iran."


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