Commentary (IP) - As the Israeli genocide in Gaza is going on, the Iranian Foreign Minister started a three-leg regional journey to Lebanon and Sriya and now he is to visit Qatar.

Iran PressCommentary: Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian's visit was carried out at the peak of the tensions in the war on Gaza and it seems that the Israeli regime, which has accomplished none of its objectives so far, now is to create a new catastrophe in Rafah to compensate for its political and military failure in Gaza. 

In Lebanon, he met with the Secretary-General of Hezbollah and recalled that the recognition of the Resistance front as the main party of the political plans proposed shows the significance of the Palestinian resistance in Palestine and the region.

In his meeting with the leaders of the Palestinian resistance groups, including Ziyad al-Nakhala, Usama Hamdan, and Jamil Mazhar, Amir-Abdollahian emphasized the Resistance groups' taking a single stance in the management of political initiatives to end the war on Gaza, providing aid to the homeless Gazans and exchanging of prisoners.

Although the Islamic Republic of Iran stressed the immediate termination of the war on Gaza and the instant stopping of the US support for the Israeli regime's genocide from the beginning of the war, the Iranian FM's new journey should be assessed as the reiteration of Iran's support for Resistance.

After Hamas' October 7 attack on the Israeli occupiers, Iran has stood more united and with more authority in front of the enemies.

Iran has repeatedly stated its support for the legitimate right of the Palestinian Resistance to defend itself and confront the invaders, but it does not mean that Iran intervenes in the resistance groups' actions. 

The Resistance Axis in the region, from the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon to the Ansarullah movement in Yemen and the resistance groups in Iraq and Palestine, each, according to their capabilities and facilities, continue to confront the Israeli regime and the US in military, economic and commercial fields.

The unprecedented challenges the Resistance Axis has today created for the Israeli regime and its main supporter, the US, shows that if the war on Gaza does not end soon and a clear path is not set to reach a fair agreement for the Palestinians, the tensions and conflicts are likely to escalate in the region. 

Iranian FM Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says: "In the meetings I've had so far with the leaders of the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance in Beirut, I found that they are in their best condition and no doubt the victory of Gaza is very close and the end of Netanyahu and the Zionist criminals is even closer."


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