Tehran (IP) - With the arrival of spring and the beginning of the Iranian New Year, the great festival of Iranian ethnic groups that are being held in Tehran is a place to get acquainted with the unique diversity of cultures, customs, and handicrafts.

Iran PressIran News:  The great festival of Iranian ethnic groups is held for 12 days in the Niavaran complex, and visitors can visit this festival from 9 AM to 12 PM.

Ebrahim Ahmadi, the secretary of the Iranian Ethnic Festival, said in an interview with Iran Press: "In this collection, we have invited both souvenir producers and artists active in the field of handicrafts to introduce the original Iranian culture so that visitors and tourists who visit the historical-cultural complex of Niavaran can get acquainted with the culture of different Iranian ethnic groups.

According to him, in this festival, fifty booths in four sections of handicrafts, souvenirs, black tents, and local food from Kurdish, Lor, and Baluch to Azeri and Gilaki tribes exposed to the traditions, products, and culture of different parts of the country.

Holding traditional music of different ethnic groups, local music, and performing happy and various programs are other festival programs.


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