IP - Iran's Kempo team sent to the 2024 Kempo World Championship in Turkey sufficed to win the runner-up of the 20th round of the martial arts contest.

Iran PressIran news: The contest was held with the participation of athletes from 45 countries both in men's and women's sections in two parts form and self-defense and four categories, namely semi-kempo, submission, knock-down, and full kempo. 

Every athlete could compete in different parts of the sports event.

Participating in the contest under the title of "Red Dragon", the Iranian team won 18 golds, 11 silvers, 6 bronzes, and 6 golden belts as well as 3 golden belts in MMA Kempo and stood in second place in the world Cup after Romania. 

The team of Tunisia stood in third place. 

Kempo is a Japanese martial art claimed to be a modified version of Chinese Shaolin kung Fu.