Tehran (IP) - Iran's Defense Minister announced unveiling the new military and defensive achievements in the coming days.

Iran PressIran news: Brigadier-General Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani, at the " Defense Ministry Abilities in knowledge-based Production and Economy" exhibition on Tuesday, announced that Iran Defense Ministry in coming days would unveil a series of new defensive achievements.

The Defense Ministry exhibition covers fields of transportation, health and medical equipment, security, energy, information, and communication technology, cyberspace, construction and mining, industry, petrochemicals, food security, and agriculture.

Household appliances, electronic parts, and Geographic data and information are other parts of the "Defense Ministry Abilities in knowledge-based Production and Economy" exhibition.

General Ashtiani says 1,100 products in various fields are presented in the exhibition.

Iran's Defense Minister said that his Ministry is responsible for empowering and upgrading Iran's defense industrial capabilities while using its knowledge to contribute to producing non-military products to improve Iran's industry.

The minister of defense noted that the Ministry's management team was cooperating with more than 5,000 knowledge-based companies, saying that the localization of products, expanding knowledge and technology, and creating synergy between the relevant institutions were on the body's agenda.


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