The Speaker of Iran's parliament, Ali Larijani, has said the Islamic Republic will make every effort to maintain the dignity of the Syrian nation and government.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani said on Tuesday that certain countries once tried to bring the Syrian nation to their knees through military operations and they are now trying hard to exert political pressures.

Iranian parliament speaker made the remarks in a meeting with the head of Syria-Iran parliamentary friendship group Mohammed Hussein Raghib al-Hussein, Iran Press reported.

"Astana talks are on the right tracks and we hope the Syrian nation would obtain what they deserve," Larijani said.

He added: "All should take advantage of the current international atmosphere which favours Syria."

On 13 November, Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani in his meeting with a visiting Syrian parliamentary delegation said the enemies of Syria are resorting to political pressure following their military failure in the Arab country.

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The head of Syria-Iran parliamentary friendship group Mohammed Hussein Raghib al-Hussein, for his part, said: "Both Iran and Syria have proven that they herald peace and friendship in the world. Our enemies never leave us alone as they have suffered a hammer blow in Syria, Iraq and Yemen."

Syria's ambassador Adnan Mahmoud who was present at the meeting also said that documents of cooperation between Iran and Syria have been prepared and should be signed by both parties at the earliest opportunity, to promote and bolster economic ties between the two sides.

The conflict in Syria has caused billions of dollars in damage to the country, but Syrian president Bashar al-Assad said he is determined to rebuild the country without a single penny from the “dishonest” West. 

The United States and its allies have been actively engaged in the seven-year long war in Syria, including the illegal stationing of troops in the country and backing anti-government terrorists and militants such as ISIS (also known as Daesh), al-Nusra Front, and the Free Syrian Army (FSA). 101/201

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