Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Cooperation and Social Welfare said that Iran is fully prepared to send labor, expert and experienced trainers and establish technical and vocational training centers and transfer experiences to empower the disabled in Armenia.

Iran PressIran news: Seyyed Soulat Mortazavi, the Minister of Labor, Cooperation and Social Welfare, in a meeting with the Minister of Labor of Armenia, Narek Megradchian, said that it is necessary to cooperate with Armenia to pursue the agreements and documents that were signed during the visit to Armenia.

Mortazavi added: "In the technical and professional field, Iran is ready to establish centers in Armenia and provide expert and experienced trainers for vocational training."

Iranian Minister stated: "The economic relations and exchanges between Iran and Armenia have increased to 700 million dollars, but we should target 3 billion dollars in trade between the two countries and achieve the goal by planning."

Following the meeting, Narek Magradchian stated: "We had discussed with the deputy minister of labor regarding the labor force, and I am sure that after signing the memorandum, we will be able to implement it. I am sure that we will make the arrangements so that the Iranian workforce can easily enter Armenia."

In this meeting, a joint memorandum was signed for cooperation in the fields of labor exchange, technical and vocational training, welfare and empowerment of the disabled, and economic cooperation between the two countries as well as petrochemicals, road and construction, materials, cement, and pharmaceuticals. 219

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