Iran's oil minister stated that Islamabad is interested in importing gas from Iran via the IP gas pipeline.

Iran PressAsia: On the sidelines of Iran's President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi's visit to Islamabad, Iranian oil minister, Javad Oji stated that the Pakistani side is eager to import gas via the IP pipeline as soon as possible, and said: "Pakistan is preparing a contract with It is different companies."

The most important project in the field of energy between Tehran and Islamabad is the construction of a gas export pipeline from Iran to Pakistan (IP Pipeline), the plan of which was drafted about 15 years ago, but it has not been implemented for various reasons.

The necessary pipeline for the export of Iranian gas to Pakistan has already been built, and with the construction of the required pipeline on the Pakistani side, the gas transfer would be possible. 

On Monday, Iran's Oil Minister met with Pakistan's Oil Minister Musadik Masood Malik in Islamabad to discuss strengthening relations between the two countries, especially in the oil and gas sectors, developing bilateral cooperation, and exporting technical and engineering services from Iran to Pakistan.

The Minister of Oil of Pakistan, pointing out that there are good opportunities for deepening the commercial and economic cooperation between the two countries, said that the first stage of negotiations between Iran and Pakistan in the field of energy was held and this process will be followed up in the next stages.

Pakistan's oil minister also emphasized that Tehran and Islamabad continue to cooperate for the prosperity of the region and to ensure the interests of each other's nations. 219

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