Tehran (IP) - On the occasion of Sacred Defense Week, Iran's military forces have displayed their latest achievements.

Iran PressIran news: The achievements include Majid system, communication system, direction finder system, Jamar V/UHF system, Elinet system, Kian 800 Plus, Kian 700, Kian 600, Sayad combat reconnaissance vehicle carrying TAU missile, Kian gunner carrying 155 mm cannon, Zulfiqar Nesl tank 3, TEAM tank, 14.5 mm Shaher sniper weapon, Akhgar weapon, 57 mm Dolul Bahman cannon, Rointen bulletproof vehicle, Isuzu GSM, Hardtop GIS, Aras portable telecommunication shelter, armored ambulance, mobile operating room system, Laboratory mobile system, dental mobile system, Hartop Medical systems, Mohajer 6 and 4 drones, Ababil 4 drone, Arash drone, ground control station vehicle, Fatah 360 missile, Fajr 5 missile of the army passed in front of the station.

Also, during the ceremony, the equipment of the Air Force, including the training UAV, Mohajer 2 UAV, Kaman 22 UAV, Fakhor 90 Airborne Missile, Qadir Airborne Missile, Sattar and Qaim Missile, Qased Smart Bomb, Sahab and Shahin Electronic Warfare Countermeasures, Jamming System V/UHF band have been unveiled.

The National Military Parade of the armed forces started this morning (Friday, 31st of Shahrivar, September 22, 2023) with the presence of President Ayatollah Raisi, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, and senior commanders of the armed forces in front of the holy shrine of the great founder of the Islamic Revolution.


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