Tehran (IP)- The Advisor to the Commander of the Iranian Armed Forces emphasized that Iran's missiles, drones, and marine power can unite a country for deterrence and self-defense and also could maintain the peace and security of the country.

Iran PressIran news: Brigadier general Amir Hatami said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Saturday: The enemies have admitted that they have lost their dominance and air superiority in the region after many years due to Iran's drone achievements.

Iran's former Defense Minister continued:  the region's enemies intended to create ISIS to dominate large parts of the region, strengthen the Zionist regime, and make rifts among Muslims, but Iranians ultimately thwarted their plots. 

He said the enemies imagined they could support ISIS for a long time, but it was destroyed within 4-5 years. The countries' sovereignty was preserved because Iran respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nations.

The senior advisor noted that Iran's regional security was established based on its indigenous defense power, which could meet the country's needs, and was rooted in science, knowledge, and young experts' capabilities. 


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