Iran's Permanent Representative at the United Nations rejected the claim by the American newspaper 'Washington Post' that the US reached an informal understanding with Qatar to hold off distributing $6 billion in oil revenue that Iran was allowed to access under a prisoner exchange.

Iran PressAmerica: The following is the full text of the note by the Iranian Permanent Mission to the UN on Thursday New York local time:

"The news is devoid of veracity, the publication of which would tarnish the Washington Post’s credibility," Iran's mission said.

"The senators in question and the US government are all acutely aware that they cannot renege on the agreement."

"The money rightfully belongs to the people of Iran, earmarked for the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to facilitate the acquisition of all essential and non-sanctioned requisites for the Iranians."

"A person familiar with the matter said the Treasury Department has a tacit agreement with Qatar, which was charged with distributing the money, not to approve applications for funds, which Iranian organizations were meant to be able to spend on medicine and humanitarian goods," Washington Post reported.

However, Iran’s Nour News reported, "There has been no change in the issue of Iran’s access to its FX funds in Qatari banks."


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