Islamabad (IP) - The Joint Commission of Iran-Pakistan Cooperation wrapped up on Thursday, with four agreements being signed at the end of the meeting.

Iran PressAsia: The 21st Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Pakistan was scheduled for Wednesday, chaired by the Iranian Minister of Road and Urban Development, Rostam Ghansemi.

At the meeting held in Islamabad, the two countries' relevant authorities emphasized the scheduled implementation of the agreement signed.

The Pakistani Minister of Commerce Naveed Qamar said that Iran and Pakistan signed media, tourism, transportation, and energy agreements. 

For his part, Iran's Minister of Road and Urban Development said that the new agreements in the field of economy, border markets, tourism, transportation, and energy could play an essential role in elevating the level of bilateral trade between Iran and Pakistan.

Heading a delegation, Iranian Minister Rostam Ghasemi left Tehran for Islamabad and arrived at the Pakistani city's international airport Wednesday, August 17, 2022. 

In Islamabad, Rostami met with the Pakistani Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Commerce Minister, Finance Minister, Railways Minister, and Minister of Maritime Affairs.  


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