May 23, 2020 14:39 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 23, 2020 16:28 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - 313 livelihood packages were distributed among the needy with Advisor to the Leader of Islamic Revolution Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan in attendance.

Iran Press/Iran news: Head of Center for Searchers and Societies of Martyrs Affairs Adel Mehri said that the prepared packages will be distributed among families that were introduced by Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs.

He added that organic disinfectants were also prepared by knowledge-based companies and will be distributed among elderly care centers.

Mehri noted that 2000 warm food portions are daily prepared and distributed during Ramadan too.

Also, 2500 masks and medical gowns were provided by this center, Mehri highlighted.

90% of this program was organized by the family of martyrs and 10% by philanthropists.

This was the first phase of this program and this activity will continue based on the Leader's recommendation on “Pious Help”.

Delivering a speech in the sideline of this program, Hossein Dehghan former defense minister and Advisor to the Leader of Islamic Revolution said that what we witness today is continuing sacrifice from Holy Defense period by their families and children to help families who are in dire condition due to coronavirus and as our leader says coronavirus period is very similar to Holy Defense period which we witness people scarifying especially voluntary groups.


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