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  • Over 400 foreign tourists visit historical city of Shushtar in a month
    Over 400 foreign tourists visit historical city of Shushtar in a month

419 foreign tourists visited the cultural attractions and monuments of Shushtar last month in the Persian calendar (starts on September23) this year.

Iran Press/Iran news: The tourists were mostly from France, Britain, the United States, China, Italy, and Brazil, said the head of the Shushtar Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department.

Ali Mohammad Chaharmahali said, "During this period over 4,000 Iranian tourists visited the city's monuments," reported Iran Press.

The official stated, "The series of cascades and universally-registered mills, Salasel Castle and the Afzal caravanserai were the most popular destinations for domestic and foreign tourists." 

According to Chaharmahali, over 60,000 tourists have visited Shushtar attractions since the beginning of this year in the Iranian calendar (starts from March 21).

Shushtar city has about 350 national registered works and 13 monuments on the cultural heritage list. Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System including; mills, waterfalls, canals, and water tunnels that are in conjunction with each other and were built in Achaemenid to the Sassanid era to use more water.

The Shushtar Historic Hydraulic System is a complex irrigation system located in the province of Khuzestan. This was the 10th site added in the UNESCO World Heritage List No.


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