Oct 15, 2019 10:02 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 07, 2020 22:44 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran(IP)- Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki said that the country's government has been successful in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

Iran PressIran news: He made the remarks at the 66th session of the world health organizations Regional Committee for Eastern Mediterranean in Tehran on Tuesday.

Speaking at the 66th session of EMRO, Iranian minister of health and medical education said that Iran is committed to fully implementing the UN and the World Health Organization's resolutions in the field of sustainable development goals.

Namaki said that US cruel sanctions and denial of access of Iranians to drugs and medical supplies are a threat to people's health and a crime against humanity.

"At the same time, the US unfair sanctions and preventing our people from having access to the necessary medicines and the equal equipment and foodstuff and medical equipment that is a major threat to health as our president described it as a crime against humanity," Iranian Health Minister added.

"You as a key organization in the world on health issues are expected to support our country's rights," Iranian Health Minister noted in the Tehran summit of WHO EMRO.

"Iran has shown that it has the ability to tackle natural disasters such as a flood and in this condition. It has not got ant help from foreign countries," the official noted.

Namaki stated: "We didn't allow our citizens including Shia and Sunnis' right to get squander in Iran and we expect international key organizations on health issues do the same and don't allow rights of a peace-loving country which has abided all its international agreements be ignored  by an authoritarian government( the US)", the minister underscored.

"The World Health Organization is expected to prevent these injustices. It does not allow the health of any citizen in the world to be threatened by dictators", Iranian Health Minister added.

"Iran is ready to share its successful experience with others", he highlighted.


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