Iranian and Russian officials stressed expanding cultural, economic, and commercial relations.

Iran Press/Iran news: "I am sure that in a short period of time, we will accomplish significant achievements in expanding culture, economic, commercial relationships." Iran's Minister of Energy and the head of Iran, Russian, and Caucasian economic joint cooperation, Reza Ardakanian said In his meeting with the Minister of the Russian Federation for North Caucasus Affairs Sergey Viktorovich Chebotarev in 2nd Iran-Caucasus Joint Economic Committee in  Tehran on Monday.

"Political relations are prerequisite under unfair and illegal US sanctions. We will expand our relationship with our neighbors," added Ardakanian. "Iran is deeply eager to expand its cooperation with the Caucasus soon and fast," Iran Press reported.

This commission is aimed to facilitate the trading and commercial sections more between the said countries.

North Caucasian minister said: "I really hope to see this meeting be fruitful and comes to results."

"Many Caucasian and Russian cities are eager to kick off their relationship with Iranian cities in different realms," added Chebotarev.

He also suggested choosing two representatives from each country who would monitor the process of the agreement we reached; Also political representatives are needed to make sure we reach an agreement.

Ardakanian said earlier in this conference on June 16 that a Temporary Free Trade Agreement is concluded between Iran and five Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) member states, based on which, tariff rates of more than 800 commodities will be subject to tariff deduction.

The 15th Iran-Russia Joint Economic Cooperation Commission and 2nd Iran-North Caucasian Region Business Forum kicked off on Sunday with Iranian Energy Minister,  the Minister of North Caucasus Affairs of the Russian Federation, and the deputy prime minister of the Russian Republic of Dagestan and eight regional ministers in attendance.

It is being held for a period of three days on 17th-19th June 2019 in Tehran and Isfahan provinces in the presence of senior public and private sector officials of the two countries.

During the events, nine working groups and three specialized committees are scheduled to be held to explore cooperation in a variety of areas including industry, energy, transport, ICT, etc.


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