Tehran (IP) – Iranian Judiciary's Deputy Chief for International Affairs and Secretary General of the Islamic Republic of Iran's High Council for Human Rights has called on the Islamic states to turn their verbal condemnations into practical acts against the Zionist regime.

Iran PressIran News: Kazem Gharibabadi made the remark in the international congress on the occupation of Palestine from the viewpoint of international law and violation of humanitarian rights in Gaza.

"We witnessed good stances taken by Islamic states, but there has not been any practical effort to stop the genocidal war in the besieged strip," the official stated.

He underlined: "The United Nations Human Rights Council, which issues resolutions against independent countries, has not yet convened an urgent meeting on the situation in Palestine."

Gharibabadi pointed out that despite inaction by international entities, public opinion throughout the globe showed support for the oppressed Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

"Inaction by those states who claim to be flag-bearers of human rights as well as the international community shows a double standard at the international level," he noted.


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