Tehran (IP) - "Iran, and Armenia will continue to cooperate in providing road facilities between the two countries," said the Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development.

Iran PressIran news: On the sidelines of a meeting with the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures of Armenia in Tehran, Rostam Ghasemi said that the talks with Armenia were a step towards the development of the North-South corridor.

Ghasemi said on Monday that both countries have a mission to increase the traffic of Iranian freight trucks on the route and that the Armenians have invited Iranian contractors to standardize it. 

Ghasemi stressed that one of the most important issues discussed in the talks between the Armenian Minister of Infrastructure was road tariffs.

He referred to the eastern corridor between Iran and India and said: "The construction of Chabahar port, the connection route to India, has almost been completed today, and agreements have been reached with the Indians to increase the equipment of Chabahar port."


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