Tehran (IP)- A high-level meeting between officials from Iran and Uzbekistan took place on Wednesday to improve transit processes and eliminate customs obstacles.

Iran Press/Iran news: The meeting, attended by Iran's Deputy Legal and Customs Supervision and Uzbekistan's First Deputy of the Ministry of Transport, focused on fostering greater collaboration to facilitate trade and enhance transit activities.

During the discussions, Ebrahim Naqdi, Iran's Deputy Legal and Customs Supervision, highlighted the importance of joint customs meetings in finding effective solutions to streamline trade operations between the two countries.

He expressed optimism that increased cooperation through training programs and knowledge sharing would lead to a boost in business exchanges.

Naqdi also underscored the crucial role played by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) in combating drug trafficking and smuggling.

He emphasized the potential for leveraging Uzbekistan's expertise in training drug detection dogs to enhance IRICA's efforts in this area.

In response, Mamanbiy Omarov, Uzbekistan's First Deputy Transport Minister, welcomed Iran's proposals for cooperation and expressed readiness to implement measures aimed at simplifying customs procedures. He emphasized that enhancing trade relations with Iran is a top priority for Uzbekistan Customs, emphasizing that improved transportation processes would facilitate smoother customs formalities.

Both sides concluded the meeting by reaffirming their commitment to strengthening bilateral cooperation across various sectors. The discussions highlighted a shared commitment to enhancing trade facilitation measures and removing barriers to promote economic growth between Iran and Uzbekistan. 204

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