Tehran(IP): The death sentence of "Habib Farajollah Chaab" nicknamed "Habib Esiyod", the ring leader of the terrorist out fit called Harakat al-Nidhal, was executed on Saturday morning in Iran.

Iran PressIran News: According to Iran Press News Agency, "Habib Farajullah Chaab" nicknamed "Habib Asyud", the ringleader of the terrorist and separatist "Harakat al-Nadal" outfit, by carrying out several terrorist operations in Iran, martyred number of innocent people, including Iranian women and children.

Since 2005, Asyud has been the ring leader of the terrorist out called Harakat al-Nidhal under the support of several intelligence services, including Mossad and (SAPO) Swedish Security Police and some countries in the region; As a result of the terrorist and bloody actions of this group led by Habib Asyud, more than 450 Iranian citizens have been martyred or injured.

Habib Farajullah Chaab was arrested by Iran's security forces in Türkiye in November 2020, and after the arrest of the defendant, the completion of the investigation and finally the issuance of the indictment, numerous court sessions were held with the presence of the defendant his lawyers and plaintiffs and the families of the martyrs of the terror.

Finally, according to the evidence in the case and the explicit confession of the defendant, the court found his guilt to be certain and sentenced Farajullah Chaab to death.

In all stages of the judicial investigation of Habib Farajullah Chaab's charges, that is, from the time of the issuance of the arrest warrant and the investigation of the defendant, the trial in court and the issuance of the verdict, the "right to a fair trial" was observed within the framework of domestic laws and regulations as well as international norms.

After the defendant's lawyers appealed, the case was again subjected to comprehensive and detailed legal and judicial investigations in the Supreme Court of Iran.

Finally, the death sentence of Habib Farajullah Chaab was executed this morning (Saturday) for the crime of Corrupt on Earth through the formation, administration and leadership of an insurgent group called Harakat al-Nidhal and the design and execution of numerous terrorist operations in Khuzestan province, South Western Iran.

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The attack came after a US-backed campaign to stir up unrest in Iranian cities fell flat. The effort, known as the Hot Summer Project, sought to whip up public anger over water and electricity shortages in the face of a protracted drought.  


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