The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) emphasized the definite response to the Zionists' crime in the Jenin camp, emphasizing that Tel Aviv is going towards collapse with such crimes.

Iran PressMiddle East: In the latest crime committed by the Israeli regime against the Palestinian nation, on Thursday, 9 Palestinians were shot dead by the occupying forces and at least 20 were injured in the Jenin camp.

Hamas announced the names of the martyrs of the Jenin camp by issuing a statement this Thursday evening and emphasized on revenge for their blood.

This Palestinian resistnce group stated that the aggression of the Zionist regime will be answered with bullets, explosive packages along with the targeting of soldiers and their military equipment.

Hamas also pointed out that it will continue to adhere to the option of resistance to confront the Zionist aggression and defend the Palestinian land.

Zionist news sources cited reasons such as the arrest of a prominent member of the Islamic Jihad movement or the prevention of Palestinian resistance operations as the causes of this crime by Israeli soldiers, but this henious crime is directly related to the nature of Israeli regime which has occupied Palestine's territories.

The newly established cabinet of Netanyahu is the most extremist cabinet in the 75-year history of the Zionist regime, and some of its ministers, including the minister of internal security, are openly racist, terrorist and violent. This cabinet officially emphasizes the increase of violence against Palestinians and uses all the measures in this regard. 219