Palestine (IP) - An Egyptian media source reported that Palestine's Hamas has conveyed its prerequisites to release the Israeli military forces taken captive.

Iran PressWest Asia: Al-Qahera News network of Egypt said on Wednesday that Palestine's Resistance Movement Hamas subjected the release of the Israeli military captives to Tel Aviv's acceptance of a permanent ceasefire.

The Egyptian TV network announced that Hamas has called for the termination of the Israeli war on Gaza and the removal of the blockade on the strip.

Egypt has been one of the main mediators involved in the establishment of a ceasefire between Hamas and the Israeli regime since the regime's war on Gaza on October 7.

A senior official of Hamas said earlier that it was too early to talk about the release of the Israeli captives.

Usama Hamdan said that the termination of war is the prelude to negotiations.

He said the extension of the ceasefire aims to ensure the release of more prisoners, which is the humanitarian aspect of the issue, and to stop the war and blockade on Gaza which could lead to opening the way to free all of the prisoners and captives.

A four-day cease-fire was set on November 24 between the Hamas and Israeli regime to exchange the captives taken between the two sides; from the very beginning of the ceasefire, the regime forbade any celebration and filming by the families of Palestinian prisoners.


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