Tehran (IP) - The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament said that the power of the Iranian Air Force's drones today cannot be compared to the era of holy defense.

Iran PressIran News: Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, on Sunday morning, at the congress on commemorating the martyrs of the Air Force in Shahid Sattari University, stated that the people in this university are the inheritors of the martyrs, saying: "Shahid Sattari University is the source of pride for the Iranian nation, and I thank God that I have the opportunity to be in the presence of the families of the martyrs and the present audience."

Addressing the students of Shahid Sattari University, he continued: "Our Air Force officers performed their missions with sacrifice and effort. Before the Kheybar operation, we coordinated the air cover with Shahid Babaei in the Nusrat camp. This was my first encounter with Shahid Babaei. We were regularly bombed there, and we were not bombed when our F-14s were flying, and when the F-14s left the area, the bombing started above our heads."

He stated that the armed forces that rely on the people and divine beliefs will be successful and said: "Today, the hope of the Islamic world lies in the armed forces of our country. We must move forward with the same spirit as the martyrs."


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