Hundreds of people have died in floods in 12 of the country's states. One of the worst-affected is the northern-central state of Niger, where at least 40 people have died.

Iran Press- Africa/ More than a-hundred communities are under water, leaving thousands displaced and living in emergency camps. As Deji Badmus reports, it may be months before they're able to return home. 

One of the worst-affected areas is the state of Niger, where at least 40 people have died. People's homes and farms are all flooded and the only means of navigating through is by boat, CGTN reported.

The situation has remained for weeks and the water is not receding. This is the result of torrential rains and the release of water from two flooded dams in the state.

The floods have resulted in heavy losses for local residents, who mainly make a living on fishing and farming.

The flooding in Nigeria was declared on September 17 as a "national disaster" in four states - Kogi, Niger, Anambra and Delta. It is one of the worst flooding disasters in country's history.

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