Tehran (IP) - The Spokesman of the Iranian Elections Staff said that so far 3 people have registered for the coming presidential elections, who fulfilled the relevant requirements.

Iran Press/Iran news: The registration of the candidates for the early presidential elections kicked off formally on Thursday morning in the Ministry of Interior, Tehran.

Mohsen Eslami recommended the ones who want to register as presidential candidates do not postpone the registration for the last day. 

As Eslami reported, Mohammad-Reza Sabbaghian, Mostafa Kavakebian, and Abbas Moqtadaee have so far registered for the presidential elections. The three are either present or former MPs.

Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi along with his companions were on board on the way from Tabriz, northwestern Iran, to Tehran when their helicopter crashed on Sunday, May 19, and all were martyred.

Sabbaghian says the problems of the country are rooted in its political structure and beliefs in the need for political surgery.

Mostafa Kavakebian believes that the new government must boost the economy and make relationships with the whole world.

Abas Moqtadaee says he is both an academician and a man of legislation and seeks to use his experiences in both arenas. 

The Ministry of Interior is tasked according to the constitution to prepare the grounds for elections for a new president to be elected in the country.

The registration process continues until Monday, Jun 3.


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