Turkiye (IP) - The Turkish people took to the country's streets and protested the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Iran PressAsia: Hundreds of Muslim people in the major cities of Turkiye, including Istanbul and Ankara, held anti-Israeli rallies.

In Ankara, the people gathered in front of the Israeli regime's embassy and ended the demonstration with anti-Zionist slogans and a statement in support of Palestine.

''We'r ready Quds," "Down with USA," and "Down with Israel" were among the slogans through which the Turkish people expressed their anger toward the Israeli regime.

People in Ankara called the Israeli embassy the "Den of Oppressors".

While interviewing Iran Press, one of the protestors described Palestine as the wound on the Islamic Ummah and noted that the fight against the Israeli regime would not be confined to staging demonstrations and chanting slogans, stressing that the Muslims would uproot the regime.

Another Turkish citizen told Iran Press that the Palestinian soil belonged to all Muslims, stressing: "As Turkish Muslims, we cannot remain silent to the Zionists' occupation and crimes."

Dozens of Zionist settlers attacked Al-Aqsa Mosque on Wednesday, guided by Israeli soldiers, and clashed with Palestinian worshipers, especially women, and youth.


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