Doroud (IP) - Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said in the inauguration ceremony of the off-road radial tire factory in the Bani Hashem Armored Complex in Doroud, Lorestan Province, Western Iran that the move will save the country some 10 million dollars annually in terms of foreign currency.

Iran Press/Iran NewsIran's Minister of Defense and Armed Forces, Brigadier General Amir Hatami, at the opening ceremony for off-road tire factory, referring to the need to expand the wheels of industry in all domestic industries to achieve economic prosperity, said: The Ministry of Defense, with the efforts of defense experts and the use of its capacities, has been able to advance its industrial progress with seriousness during the sanctions period.

Iran's senior official noted to the naming of the year as a "surge in production" by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and said the products of the off road radial tire factory will save the Islamic country 10 millions of dollars per year.

The Minister of Defense, stating that the boom in production can provide the main component of economic prosperity, market control, inflation control, growth, and economic development, and said: the importance of the tire and rubber industry in the country, especially in the face of oppressive sanctions by the arrogant regime.

The supply of rubber-related products for any country is necessary and inevitable, which, thank God, the Islamic Republic, relying on domestic capacity and due to the existence of infrastructure and extensive oil resources, in this area has the appropriate capabilities in this area.


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