Tehran (IP) - In a ceremony, an Iranian total indigenous satellite called 'Pars 1' is supposed to be launched. Pars1 will be launched at 09:15 IRST.

Iran PressIran news: Pars1 is a research-measurement satellite. Its design, construction, assembly, and testing stages were carried out by experts and young scientists at the Iran Space Research Institute and it will be placed in orbit at a distance of five hundred kilometers from the earth's surface.

The launch of the “Pars1” satellite will be carried out by a Russian satellite-carrying rocket Soyuz, as part of the Iranian government’s efforts to expand the scope of its international dealings and interactions, while stressing that the satellite itself was entirely manufactured by local knowledge-based companies.

The "Pars1" was a research-measurement satellite and its stages of design, manufacture, assembly, and testing were carried out by young experts and scientists at the Iranian Space Research Institute.

Live broadcasting footage by Iran Press shows the launching ceremony of the Pars1 imaging satellite on Thursday morning.

The launch was announced by the Iranian Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Issa Zarepour, on Wednesday.

This marks the 12th satellite launch during President Raisi's administration, Zarepour said during a press briefing following a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

"Pars 1, an imaging satellite, has been entirely produced within Iran," Minister Zarepour stated, highlighting the significance of international collaboration in this endeavor, as the satellite will be launched using the Russian Soyuz satellite carrier.

Looking ahead, Zarepour outlined plans for advancing Iran's space capabilities, including the completion of the initial phase of a major space center in southern Iran.

Once operational, this facility will enable Iran to deploy satellites into orbit at a 98-degree Sun angle, enhancing the country's space exploration capabilities significantly.

Emphasizing the rapid pace of progress in Iran's space industry, Zarepour revealed that several satellites are currently in production, with anticipated launches slated for the upcoming year.

In the end, he expressed optimism that these developments would set new records for Iran's space program.


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