In a telephone conversation with Pakistani Prime Minister, Iranian President stressed that terrorists must not be allowed to dampen relations, or cause a rift, between Tehran and Islamabad.

Iran Press/Iran news: During a phone call with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday afternoon, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described the relations between Iran and Pakistan exceptional and historic, stressing that senior officials of both countries have a heavy responsibility for sustaining and strengthening relations between the two nations.

Rouhani called for Islamabad’s strong action against anti-Iranian terrorists, saying “we must not let decades of friendship and fraternity between the two countries be undermined because of the actions of terrorist groups, the sponsors of whom we are all aware of,” Iran Press reported.

He added, “We must not let third parties affect relations between Iran and Pakistan with these actions.”

Stating that Iran knows exactly where the terrorist groups that use Pakistan's soil to carry out terrorist attacks in Iranian territory are located, president Rouhani said: “We are awaiting your strong action against these terrorists.”

Referring to the Khash-Zahedan road terror attack that took the lives of Iranian border guards, president Rouhani said: “We are witnessing many attacks by terrorists who are unfortunately stationed on the Pakistani side of the border, and in dealing with these terrorists, whose existence harms both us, you and the entire region, we are fully ready to cooperate with the Pakistani army and the government in Islamabad."

On 8 December, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Tehran is ready to deepen ties with Islamabad to collaborate in fighting terrorism and extremism.

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“The continuation of these terrorists’ activities from the Pakistani soil can undermine relations between the two countries,” Iranian President continued.

President Rouhani also stressed that the Iranian forces were ready to cooperate with Islamabad to give a strong response to the terrorists, and said “we are willing to continue our friendly relations with Pakistan.”

Referring to the Pakistani Prime Minister’s remarks, Rouhani also said that Tehran was ready to welcome the Pakistani Prime Minister.

In the same phone call, the Prime Minister of Pakistan said: “I hope I can visit Iran soon,” assuring that the Pakistani army and government will do their best to eliminate the terrorists and will not let these terrorists use the soil of the country against neighbours, especially the people of Iran.

Expressing condolences over the martyrdom of a number of Iranian border guards in the Khash-Zahedran road terrorist attack, Imran Khan said Pakistan will soon have good news about tackling these terrorists.

“It is to the interest of Pakistan not to let terrorist groups use our soil, and the Pakistani army is ready to deal with terrorists more strongly with the intelligence provided by Iran,” he said.

The Pakistani PM further emphasized that Islamabad would call for development of relations with Tehran in all areas of mutual interest. 105/211/201

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