Tehran (IP)- Iraqi military intelligence sources announced that 10 terrorists affiliated with ISIS were killed during ground and air strikes of the Iraqi army in Diyala province in the east of the country.

Iran PressMiddle East: The strike took place yesterday in the "Hamrin" mountain range, as a result of which four ISIS terrorists were killed, Iraqi news sources reported. 

The Iraqi F-16 aircraft carried out the airstrike, targeting ISIS militants in Lake Hamrin, east of the country.

The region, which borders Iran and extends across the provinces of Diyala, Salah Al-Din, and Kirkuk, has been a safe haven for ISIS members who exploit its rugged geography and the difficulty of Iraqi ground forces' ability to operate in the area.

The combination of elements has made airstrikes the only viable option for Iraqi forces to target ISIS militants in the area. 

On Friday, the Iraqi military intelligence announced that the Iraqi Air Force targeted ISIS terrorists in the same region, as part of phase five of Operation "Swords of Righteousness." 

The operation targeted against ISIS militants is led by the Iraqi Army in collaboration with Peshmerga forces and the Popular Mobilization Forces.


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