British Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer announces plans in the House of Commons to get thousands of Afghan refugees out of hotels costing the taxpayer £1.2 million a day

Iran PressEurope: Thousands of Afghan refugees will be given a minimum of three months' notice to move out of hotels and into alternative accommodation, under plans detailed by the veteran's minister.

Johnny Mercer made the announcement in the House of Commons on Tuesday, claiming it is "unacceptable and unsustainable" for thousands to still be living in hotels.

If refugees fail to accept an offer of housing, they will be left to find something independently.

The Refugee Council said they are "deeply concerned" by the plans, which they warned could leave many at risk of homelessness.

People who fled the Taliban in Afghanistan are at risk of homelessness in the UK, humanitarian groups have warned, after ministers announced plans to move the refugees out of hotels and into homes on the condition they accept the first offer made to them.

Afghans living in “temporary bridging accommodation” in the UK under the UK’s two resettlement schemes would be given additional support to find settled accommodation after 18 months in hotels, the Home Office said.

The veterans’ affairs minister, Johnny Mercer, told MPs any refugee who turned down an offer of accommodation would not be offered a second alternative. Concerns have been raised that refugees could face homelessness if they are unable to secure accommodation before leaving a hotel amid reports the government intends to set a deadline for the shift.


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