In a letter to the PM and opposition leader, leaders of the Jewish Agency and its partners call for dialogue to solve the constitutional crisis.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Jewish Agency for Israel and its partners sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Leader of the Opposition MK Yair Lapid regarding the proposed judicial reforms in Israel.

The letter reads: "The Jewish Agency, along with its partners and communities worldwide, have been following with increasing concern the stormy public debate around the proposed judicial reforms in Israel and their potential effects on the unity of our people. We have been witnessing an increase in serious polarization among Israel-loving Jews around the globe."

"Today too many among us are experiencing real concern as we view the tension coming from all sides. Given the centrality of Israel in their lives we find it our duty to share with and convey to you our concerns of so many among us regarding the future of Jewish unity." 

But Wednesday’s letter stopped short of offering any judgment on the rapidly progressing plan by Netanyahu’s hardline coalition to dramatically revamp the judiciary and restrict the powers of the High Court of Justice, an overhaul decried by large sectors of Israeli society including economists, legal professionals, military reservists, entrepreneurs, financial professionals, and many others. Lapid, as opposition leader, warned this month that the Netanyahu government’s “hasty and obscene gallop” toward the judicial shakeup may turn Israel “into a dictatorship.”

The letter follows an English-language defense of the overhaul that Netanyahu had offered during a state visit to Germany last week, where he vowed to continue transferring some of the judiciary’s powers to the legislative branch, arguing that this move restores a balance of power between the branches of government.


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