UN (IP)- In the meeting of the Security Council, the Secretary General of the United Nations was asked to conduct an independent and comprehensive assessment of the situation in Afghanistan so that the international community can adopt a unified approach to Afghanistan.

Iran PressAmerica: The UN Security Council voted on Thursday to extend the UN’s mission in Afghanistan for another year and to launch an independent assessment of the international approach to the country.

All 15 members approved the two motions, written by the UAE and Japan, to continue the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (Unama) and to direct Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to look into the way ahead in the Taliban-governed country.

The resolution calling for an independent assessment expresses “concern at the lack of progress on the Security Council’s expectations of the Taliban” and says the report should be finalized by November 17.

The report should include information on addressing “humanitarian [challenges], human rights and especially the rights of women and girls, religious and ethnic minorities, security and terrorism, narcotics, development, economic and social challenges, dialogue, governance and the rule of law”.

Since 2017, the UN has undertaken 20 independent assessments around the world.