International Atomic Energy Agency Director General said on Tuesday he would visit Iran in February to assess the situation regarding the political dialogue.

Iran PressEurope: The head of the UN's nuclear watchdog said on Tuesday that he plans to go to Iran next month for "much needed" talks on getting it to resume cooperation over its nuclear activities.

"I believe I might be back in Tehran on this and on the other issues I described to you, in February perhaps, for much needed political dialogue... with Iran. And then, I hope to be making some progress," he told the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament.

On Monday, Grossi participated in the joint meeting of European Union foreign ministers and gave explanations about Iran's nuclear program and the situation of nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

After signing the JCPOA, Iran, as a responsible country, implemented its obligations flawlessly and this issue has been confirmed in 16 reports of the International Atomic Energy Agency. 219