Tehran (IP) - Ebrahim Al-Dilami, the Yemeni ambassador in Tehran, announced that the martyr Soleimani was the organizer of the Resistance.

Iran PressIran news: Al-Dilami in an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency on the sidelines of the first International "Conference of Martyr Soleimani School of Thoughts" in Tehran said: "On the third anniversary of Martyr Soleimani, I can only say that he played an important role in empowering the Resistance in all fields."

Al-Dilami added: "Martyr Soleimani was the main organizer of the Resistance and he provided valuable services to the resistance in all fields."

The Yemeni ambassador announced: "Loyalty to the blood and sacrifices of martyr Soleimani requires taking steps on the path of martyrdom and the path of fighting the Zionist-American conspiracies until the fake Israeli regime and the American forces leave our region."


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