In response to the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the enforcer of sanctions and maximum pressure against the Iranian nation sheds crocodile tears for Iranians on Yalda night.

Iran PressAmerica: Ned Price, the spokesperson of the US State Department, in a message appealing to the Yalda night, repeated his interventionist statements about Iran under the pretext of the Yalda night and acknowledged that the Joe Biden government will continue the failed policy of maximum pressure against Iran.

Nasser Kanani wrote in this tweet on Wednesday night: "the US, which supports unrest and terrorism and imposes sanctions while holding maximum pressure against the nation of Iran, sheds crocodile tears for Iranians on the night of Yalda!"

He added: "Allies and supporters of terrorists with birth certificates should shut their mouths and think on Yalda night to solve the dense crises of their people, their country and the Zionist regime."

Since the start of the unrest in Iran, the Biden government has been taking any action is support of riots and has clearly stated that instead of focusing on negotiations and the diplomatic approach that it has always heralded, it is focusing on the unrest in Iran. 219