Arab leaders said on Wednesday that the Palestinian cause was still central for them after their first summit meeting in three years.

Iran PressAfrica: The final declaration after the meeting in Algiers pledged continued Arab support for the Palestinian cause, said Al-Quds must be protected, condemned Israeli use of violence against Palestinians, and urged Israeli to lift its blockade of Gaza.

Moreover, the statement confirmed that the Summit supports the policy of OPEC+, which includes oil-producing countries from inside and outside the OPEC organization, in the global energy market.

The attending Arab countries expressed “full solidarity with the Libyan people and support for the efforts aimed at ending the Libyan crisis through a Libyan-Libyan solution that preserves the unity and sovereignty of Libya and safeguards its security and that of the neighboring countries.”

The statement concluded, “All the states should assume a collective leading role to contribute to the efforts made in order to reach a political solution for the Syrian crisis and address all the political, security, humanitarian, and economic repercussions, through what ensures the unity and sovereignty of Syria and realizes the ambitions of its people.”

Saudi foreign minister Faisal bin Farhan announced Riyadh will host the next Arab Summit.

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati delivered Lebanon’s speech at the Arab League Summit held in Algeria on Wednesday, in which he said that the country has changed and it is suffering at the economic, livelihood, social, and environmental levels.

The 31st Arab Summit kicked off on Tuesday in Algeria with the participation of Lebanese caretaker premier Mikati and several Arab Leaders and presidents.


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