The Managing Director of Information and Communication of Tehran Municipal Council has said the implementation of Smart City plan in Tehran is a time-consuming program and requires careful and meticulous planning.

Iran Press/ Iran: The Managing Director of Information and Communication of Tehran Municipal Council, Mohammad Farjood, said in a news conference in Tehran on Saturday that the municipal council officials are working hard to provide the details of Smart City project plan.

Mohammad Farjood, stressed that moving to a successful Smart City is a process and a path which cannot be achieved in short period of time in which Tehran city council is still at the early stages, Iran Press news agency reported.

He continued: "For example, in Turkey, they have spent two years just for planning. It is a long term project not just some short tasks."

"There are so many detailed projects and sub-projects and we have to see how we can fund these projects. But for now you can see its' effects in many aspects of Tehran municipality like air pollution or traffic, though there are so many other factors effective on these two problems", Mohammad Farjood said.

Farjood also added: "Tehran municipal council has many subsidiary organisations like Shahrvand chain stores; so it is not easy to see an immediate effect."

He also emphasised on the role of the private sector in this regard and said: "We provide the groundwork for private sector activities."

According to Farjood, the Smart City project is one of the most important aspects of the "Fifth Development Plan" and the local Tehran municipal council has allocated an additional budget to it in its' reviewing session.


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