The deputy permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations considered terrorism and the emergence of terrorist groups as a serious threat to Afghanistan, its neighbors, the region and the international community.

Iran PressAmerica: The ambassador and deputy representative of Iran, who was speaking on the issue of Afghanistan at the UN Security Council meeting, called the reports about the emergence of terrorist groups related to ISIS in Afghanistan alarming. 

Zahra Ershadi emphasized the authorities of the Afghan interim government must be committed to fighting terrorism and ensuring all appropriate measures to protect diplomatic places.

She added: "Afghanistan should no longer become a safe place for ISIS and Al-Qaeda groups."

Iranian envoy to the UN further added: "Sanctions against some individuals and groups in Afghanistan should not be an obstacle to cooperation in humanitarian, economic or development fields with this country."

Ershadi reminded the officials of Afghanistan's governing body to fulfill their international obligations, especially the repeated requests to form an inclusive government that reflects the multi-ethnic society of Afghanistan.

She emphasized that only a government consisting of all Afghan ethnicities can guarantee and protect their rights.

Referring to the costs of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fight against drugs and hosting millions of displaced Afghans, Zahra Ershadi added: "As a neighbor, Iran has used its capacities and resources to help the people of Afghanistan."

Iranian envoy added: "Other countries should also accept Afghan refugees."

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