Tehran (IP) - Turkish Deputy Minister of the Interior said Iran and Turkey have discussed the fight against Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist organization as well as the fight against human and drug trafficking.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking in the fifth working meeting of the joint cooperation group between Iran and Türkiye, Turkish Deputy Minister of the Interior, Tayyip Sabri Erdil stated that various issues, including borders and the settlers in these areas were among the items discussed in the meeting.

He went on to say: "In today's negotiations, Iran and Türkiye have common points of view, and positive steps have been taken in the field of security management and developing cooperation, although some meetings were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A meeting was held at Iran's Interior Ministry today, Wednesday, August 31, between the Turkish Deputy Minister of the Interior Tayyip Sabri Erdil and the Iranian Deputy Minister of Interior for Security and Law Enforcement Majid Mirahmadi.


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