U.S. House of Representatives Speaker on Friday praised Taiwan, pledged U.S. solidarity and said her trip through Asia, which led to unprecedented military drills by China, was never about changing the regional status quo.

Iran PressAmerica: Under the "One-China" policy, nearly all countries across the globe recognize Beijing's sovereignty over Chinese Taipei, including the US, which has no formal diplomatic ties with the territory but continues to support its anti-China stance and supply it with massive amounts of armaments.

The US House speaker, Nancy Pelosi's diplomatic support to Taipei infuriated China, prompting it to hold live-fire military drills in the waters off Taiwan.

China’s state broadcaster said the military exercises that are set to end on Sunday, would be the largest conducted by China in the Taiwan Strait. The exercises have involved live fire on the waters and in the airspace around the island.

Five missiles landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), prompting Tokyo to lodge a strong protest through diplomatic channels.

Speaking after the meeting with Pelosi, Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida said China’s military exercises aimed at Taiwan represent a “grave problem” that threatens regional peace and security and the missile launches need to be “stopped immediately”.

Nancy Pelosi, who previously asserted American commitment to democracy in Taiwan and elsewhere as “ironclad,” said China will not isolate Taipei by preventing American officials from travelling there.

China’s Foreign Ministry, early on Wednesday, lodged a protest with US Ambassador Nicholas Burns over the unannounced visit by Pelosi to Taiwan, which Beijing calls its “breakaway province.”

The Chinese officials and experts warned Washington would bear all the consequences of this dangerous and provocative move. 

Such a visit would also forever change the cross-Straits situation and negatively impact the already-difficult China-US relations.


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