Iran’s representatives in the Asian Rowing in Warm Waters Championship gained two more gold medals in men’s team rowing on Thursday, and one in women’s.

Iran PressAsia: 19 Iranian athletes are participating in Thailand Asian Rowing in Warm Waters Championship, held in the calm sea waters of Pattaya, Thailand.

In the competitions, Iran’s four-man kayak team, comprised of Puriya Sharifi, Ali Aqamirzaie, Amin Budaqi, and Peyman Qavidel, recording the 3:05:057 minutes gained the gold medal of 1,000 meters rowing.

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, India, Thailand and Kyrgyzstan raked 2nd to 7th respectively in that field.

In single rowing 1,000 meters’ field of women, Iran’s Elnaz Shafiian gained another gold medal.Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Thailand in that field ranked 2nd to 4th, respectively.

In doubles men’s canoeing Iran’s Adel Mojallali and Shahoo Mojallali in 3:44:063 minutes stood on the top stage of the Asian championship with a gold medal. 

Earlier, the two-member Iranian canoe team with the combination of Adel Mojallali and Shaho Naseri stood on the first platform of Asia and won the gold medal.

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and Thailand ranked 2nd to 5th.