Tehran(IP) - The Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized that the world is becoming more and more dependent on nuclear energy and that Iran will be in dire need of peaceful nuclear energy.

Iran PressCommentary: Iran's peaceful nuclear program is one of the targets of the enemy media war against the country in recent years. Iran, like any other country, has the right to acquire world-class knowledge in various fields in order to progress and plan for its future.

Iran's Leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Thursday in a speech within video conferencing format addressing with the people of Tabriz on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the uprising of February 18, 1977, stated the reason behind the enemy front's reliance on the Iranian nuclear issue and the imposition of oppressive sanctions despite their knowledge of our peaceful use together with a load of nonsenses claiming that Iran is just a step away of the nuclear weapons is to prevent the country from scientific progress to meet its future needs.

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Paying attention to nuclear science and the use of new energies is directly related to the security of life, welfare, and development of any country and its people, and Iran is taking a step in this direction by relying on internal capability and authority. Having peaceful nuclear energy has a direct impact on the development of various industries. For example, the acquisition of new methods in the agricultural industry to ensure the food security of the people, as well as the medical sciences, have a significant relationship with having nuclear knowledge to ensure the health of the people more than ever.

The prerequisite for diversifying different products and making special drugs for the treatment of some serious diseases, as well as scientific progress in various aspects, is to have nuclear science and to continue its research and development for peaceful uses. Nuclear science has entered all aspects of human life, and any shortcomings in this regard will make it difficult for Iran to move forward on the path of scientific progress.

Peaceful use of nuclear energy is a great and significant scientific progress of the Iranian nation that has been achieved after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and young Iranian scientists have tried to move forward day by day to achieve all aspects of energy and nuclear knowledge.

Iran's progress is one of the goals of the Islamic Revolution, and achieving all aspects of peaceful nuclear science and energy guarantees the country's future progress; furthermore, it is one of the essential components of power in the modern era.

Given the importance of having nuclear energy, Iran has repeatedly stressed that it is not seeking nuclear weapons, and that is why these days, as the Vienna talks are underway, some parties are trying to limit the development of Iran's nuclear knowledge.

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The safeguarding of peaceful achievements is considered as Iran's red line, and Iranian officials have stressed that the preservation of these achievements is as important as the lifting of oppressive sanctions and that Iran is pursuing these two issues at the same level in Vienna talks.

The Vienna talks do not mean giving up peaceful nuclear energy, and the research, development, and of Iran's nuclear program will not be limited to any agreement, and in this context, Ali Bagheri, Iran's chief negotiator, said in Vienna on Wednesday night that nothing should be agreed until everything is agreed.

Written By Ali Karami 


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