Senior Nigerian lecturer:

Nigeria (IP) - A Nigerian political activist from the Faculty of Engineering of ATBU University said that the Islamic Revolution has revolutionized almost everything in Iran, and remarkable achievements were made in different fields in the country.

Iran PressAfrica: On February 1st, 1979, Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Revolution, returned to Tehran amidst an enthusiastic welcome from the people after fifteen years of exile.

On the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution, intellectuals and people of conscience continue to express their opinions on the remarkable achievements made by the Islamic Revolution.

While talking about the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Senior Nigerian lecturer Dr. Saeed Musa Yarima, in another exclusive interview with Iran Press, said, "Without Imam Khomeini, there would have Palestine by now." He continued saying the commemorations of the Islamic Revolution were significant. 

"To me, actually I look at it from different directions. Is it the economy, is it the politics, is it the military, and so many things. The Islamic Revolution has revolutionized almost everything including the minds, the system, education and a lot of things." 

He added that there before the revolution, there were ways people (in the world) saw Islam because there were communism and capitalism in existence. Communism means survival of the fittest, while capitalism means taking from a man according to his capability and giving him according to his needs. He said, "These were all cheating humanity before coming of the Islamic Revolution." 

"We are living in a global village. What is happening in the United States is as it is happening in Nigeria. What had happened in  1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran has it thought and is still reverberating in our ears, our feelings and everything."

The senior Nigerian lecturer also talked about the illegal sanctions imposed on Iran by the United States. He said that Imam Khomeini was the symbol of resistance, that is why the Iranian economy is called a resistant economy; otherwise, it is heralded by critical sanctions. Sanctions are meant to be critical, that is, to keep them dead. But actually, these (Iranians) survived it. Not only surviving, now they are playing wonders.


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