The wounded of the recent terrorist attack on Afghanistan's Kandahar Fatemieh Mosque have been transferred to Iran for treatment.

Iran PressAsia: The injured Afghans in the terrorist attack on Friday at the Fatemieh Kandahar Grand Mosque were transferred to the Islamic Republic of Iran on Monday due to lack of hospital facilities.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian aid of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Afghanistan reached the victims of the terrorist attack in Kandahar today.

The aid included medicine and 25 tons of food delivered to the people of Kandahar by agreement of the Taliban interim government in Afghanistan.

The ISIS terrorist group has twice attacked Shiite mosques in Kandahar and Kunduz, Afghanistan, in the last ten days, martyring and wounding hundreds of people.

The Taliban had promised to confront and suppress the ISIS terrorist group in Afghanistan.

Earlier, Iran’s Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the suicide bomb attack on a mosque in Afghanistan’s Kandahar that has martyred over 60 people, stressing the need for unity between the Shiite and Sunni Muslims to counter hostile divisive plots.