The anti-war group 'Stop the War' held a protest rally in London in protest of the British government's intervention in Afghanistan.

Iran PressEurope: The anti-war group 'Stop the War' staged a demonstration outside the British Parliament on Wednesday, saying Britain should not leave the Afghan people alone.

The group added that refugees should be welcomed in the UK.

Former opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn joined the demonstration along with other Labour MPs such as Richard Burgon, Zarah Sultana and Dawn Butler.

The anti-war group 'Stop the War' in Britain blames the United States, Britain and NATO members for the catastrophic situation in Afghanistan, and described the current situation as the result of 20 years of Western military intervention in Afghanistan.

Many Afghan officials and people attribute the current situation in Afghanistan to the failed US policies in Afghanistan.

During its 20 years of failed military presence in Afghanistan, the United States has been incapable of containing the Taliban and has produced nothing but the spread of terrorism, war, violence, instability, and the killing of tens of thousands of people. 219