Kabul (IP) - Exclusive Iran Press footage of Kabul on the first working day after the Taliban took to the streets of the Afghan capital shows that the situation in the city is normal now.

Iran PressAsia: Iran Press' correspondent provided footage of the situation in the Afghan capital on Monday after the deployment of Taliban forces in different parts of Kabul.

Iran Press' correspondent recorded the entry of Taliban forces into the Afghan Presidential Palace in Kabul; Taliban forces are stationed on all streets to ensure people's safety.

Taliban forces also deployed in front of banks, bazaars, and other government and public centers to prevent robbery and stealing.

In the meantime, the Afghan people are engaged in their daily activities in Kabul, and some shops are open, and some are still closed.

Taliban forces entered Kabul on Sunday evening.

After consulting with government officials at the Presidential Palace, President Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan overnight through Kabul Airport.


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