Rear Admiral Sayari: Public turn out guaranties Islamic Revolution movement

Teheran (IP) - In a message, the Deputy Coordinator of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasized that the presence of the Iranian people in the elections guaranteed the movement of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran PressIran news: Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayari in a message congratulated the epic presence of the great nation of Iran in the 13th presidential election, and the victory of Ebrahim Raisi as President-elect of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The message of Rear Admiral Sayari stated that once again, the glorious and unique manifestations of loyalty and support of the honorable nation of Islamic Iran in responding to the call of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in creating the glorious epic of 28 June 2021 in the eyes of all the world.

The message says that the people, with their wide and energetic participation in determining their destiny, showed their political maturity and high social and cultural awareness to the world, disappointing their enemies and ill-wishers, and giving hope to the friends and sympathizers of the system and the revolution.

The 13th presidential election, the 6th election of the city and Rural Islamic councils, the mid-term election of the 5th term of the Assembly of Experts, and the mid-term election of the 11th term of Iran's parliament were held on Friday, June 18th.

Ebrahim Raisi won the Iranian presidential election with more than 18 million votes.


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