The Israeli regime fighter jets attacked the Gaza Strip for a second time in outright violation of a fragile ceasefire that it had desperately demanded during its latest war on the Palestinian enclave, disproportionately targeting a civilian building, sites belonging to armed Palestinian groups and an agricultural field.

Iran PressMiddle East: Palestinian sources said Israeli missiles on Thursday hit several sites belonging to armed groups northwest of Gaza City and north of Beit Lahia in the besieged territory. A civil administration building east of Jabaliya in the north was also targeted, in addition to an agricultural field east of the southern town of Khan Younis. No casualties were reported.

Following the air attacks, Fawzi Barhoum, spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas said in a statement that “the occupation’s bombing of the resistance sites is a demonstrative show by the new Israeli government”, referring to the administration that was approved on Sunday by Israel’s parliament, with right-wing nationalist Naftali Bennett sworn in as prime minister.

“The resistance will be on the lookout in defence of our people, our people and our holy sites,” the statement added.

On Wednesday, Israel also carried out air raids, targeting what it is said were Hamas facilities.

At least 257 Palestinians, including 66 children, were killed during the 12-day bombardment on the Gaza Strip last month. On the Israeli side, 13 people, including two children, were killed by rockets fired from Gaza.