Iranians celebrate National Teachers' Day

The 12th day of Ordibehesht the second month on the Iranian calendar which fell on May 2 this year, has been designated as Teachers' Day in Iran.

Iran PressIran news: In this day, people pay special tribute to teachers at schools and universities and even whoever teaches any branch of art, industry, etc., and appreciate their efforts. 

Considering that today is the 19th day of the holy month of Ramadan, it is worth to be mentioned that Imam Ali (AS) who was stabbed on the head on this day and martyred two days later, has a famous sentence regarding the importance of the teacher's job which says: "If a person teaches me one single word, he has made me his servant for a lifetime."

However, teachers have the most influential job in every society; because they inject good values in children and youth and help them be responsible citizens.

The idea of celebrating Teachers’ Day in Iran took root from the death anniversary of Morteza Motahari, an Iranian cleric, philosopher, lecturer, and politician who was assassinated on the same day.


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